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Quicker Baked Potato

Try this method for speeding up the potato baking process (for a better texture than those that you microwave). Pre-heat the oven to 400. Place the potato in boiling water for 10 minutes. Bake for 30 minutes. This will cut the cooking time in half.



57 Chevy
7 & 7
Amaretto Caf=e9
Amaretto Coffee 2
Abbey Cocktail
Absolute Stress
Acapulco Sunrise
Al's German Pilsner
Alabama Slammer
All Canadian Coffee
Almond Flavored Tequila Liqueur
Almond Liqueur
Almond Tasty
Almost Sicilian Splash
Amaretto Cafi
Amaretto Caf×
Amaretto Cream Filled Cake
Amaretto Freeze
Amaretto Sour
Angel's Face
Angel's Kiss
Angel's Tip
Apple Blossom
Aztec Punch
B & B
Banana Daiquiri 2
Bloody Mary #1
Bacardi Cocktail
Bahama Breeze
Bailey's Irish Cream
Bailey's Irish Cream Cake
Bailey's Original Irish Cream
Baileys Irish Cream Truffles
Baily's Irish Cream
Baked Apples With Dried Cherries & Maple Cara
Baltimore Eggnog
Banana Daiquiri
Banana Liqueur
Banana Republic
Bandera Mexicana
Beer-boiled Shrimp
Bermudian Rose
Berry Liqueur
Better Than Baileys
Better-than-bailey's Irish Cream
Between The Sheets
Billy Clude Punch
Biribi Cocktail
Bisquick Apricot-glazed Pound Cake
Bitter Cocktail
Black & Tan
Black Forest Trifle Dessert
Black Out
Black Russian
Black Russian Cake
Blackberry Brandy Sour Cream Jell-o Cake
Blackberry Wine
Bloody Mary
Blossom Cocktail
Blue Hawaii
Blue Moon
Blue Motorcycle
Blue Whale
Blueberry Liqueur
Blueberry Popsickle
Buttermilk Rye Bread
Chilled Orange Cappuccino Cream W/ Grated Cho
Coffee Liqueur Zesty Seafood Marinade/sauce
Cafe Mexicano
Cafe Royal Appetizer
Cafe' Mexicano
Carbonnade Of Beef
Caribbean Guava Punch
Carribean Blue Jell-o
Carribean Sunset Jell-o
Cement Mixer
Champagne Celebration Cake
Champagne Punch
Chartreuse Cocktail
Chinese Lady
Chipotle Brown Ale
Chocolate Banana Pina Coladas
Chocolate Raspberry Cake
Coconut Liqueur
Coconut Telegraph
Coffee & Cocoa Bean Cooler
Coffee Cream Cake
Coffee Liqueur
Coffee Liqueur Cake
Coffee Liqueur Chocolate Mousse
Coffee Liqueur Cream Pie
Coffee Liquor Dipper Wings
Coffee Orange Fudge Cake
Cold Cherry Soup
Colonial Cocktail
Comfort Cake
Company Bloody Mary
Conca D'oro
Continental Waldorf
Coral Reef
Cornish Hens With Prunes & Cognac
Courvoisier French Silk Chocolate Pie
DiSaronno Spritzer 2
Di Saronno Toasted Almond 2
Daiquiri Cheesecake
Di Saronno & Cream
Di Saronno Cheesecake
Di Saronno Coffee
Di Saronno Sour
Di Saronno Spritzer
Di Saronno Toasted Almond
Doctor Bock
Dubonnet Cocktail
Duck & Cover
Dudley Eppel's Hot Cider-cranberry Punch
Eggnog Cake
Easter Egg Nog
Easy Bahama Mama
Easy Margaritas
Egg Nog
Elephant's Tail
European Brown Ale
Expatriated American
Fried-brain Oyster Shooters 2
Frozen Black Irish 2
Fake Kahlua Coffee Liqueur
French Connection
French Rabbit Stew
Fresh Figs Cura#ao
Fried-brain Oyster Shooters
Frijoles Borrachos
Frozen Black Irish
Frozen Daiquiri
Frozen Strawberry Daiquiris
Fruit Juice Slush
Godiva "cup"puccino
Godiva Chocolate Covered Banana
Godiva Ice Cream Soda
Godiva Irish Coffee
Godiva Irish Freeze
Godiva Peppermint Kiss
Godiva Whisper
Golden Apricot Nog
Golden Cadillac
Golden Dream
Grand Margarita
Grand Marnier Apricot Stuffing
Grand Marnier Cake
Grand Marnier Souffle
Grandma's Swingin' Eggnog
Grasshopper Parfaits
Homebrew Kahlua 2
Homemade Kahlua #1
Homemade Kahlua #2
Homemade Kahlua #3
Hot Buttered Rum 2
Hoegaarden Grand Cru Ale
Holiday Eggnog
Home - Made Ginger Beer
Homebrew Kahlua
Homemade Cream Liqueurs
Homemade Kahlua
Honey-rum Balls
Hopkins Neolithic Egg Nog
Horny Bull
Hot Buttered Cider
Hot Buttered Rum
Hot Buttered Rum Ii
Kahlua 2
Kahlua Cocoa Balls
Kahlua Gingerbread People
Kahlua Party Punch
Kahlua White Russian Cake
Kaluha-make Your Own!!
Kentucky Eggnog
Key Largo Cake
Killer Bloody Marys
Killer Margs
L.j's Winter Tomato Soup
Long Island Iced Tea 2
Lovebite Weizenbier
Lynchburg Lemonade
Mint Julep 2
Mississippi Mud Cake #1
Macaroni & Cheese With Tuna
Manhattan Clam Linguine
Margarita Liqueur
Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Mom's Homemade Wine
Only Two/ Solo Dos
Oil Spill
Old Fashioned
Old-fashioned Ginger Beer
Orange & Coffee Bean Cordial
Orange Blossom
Orange Champagne Cocktail
Orange Judas
Orange Julius Type Drink
Orange Liqueur
Orange Protestant Jell-o
Peach Colada
Peach Liqueur
Pear Liqueur
Penne With Vodka & Tomato Cream Sauce
Pepper Vodka Pasta Sauce
Peppermint Liqueur
Poor Man's Rum & Butter Sauce
Pousse Caf×
Praline Pound Cake
Professorns Glogg
Rob Roy
Soup: French Onion Soup
South Seas Kahlua 2
Scarlet O'hara
Scottish Brown Ale
Screaming Lizard
South Seas Kahlua
Southern Comfort Punch
Space Needle Blast-off Punch
Spaghetti Martini
Spanish Almond Cake Laced With Tequila Anejo
Sparkle Punch
Spice Beer Cake
Stormy Weather
Strawberries Elegante
Strawberry Daiquiri
Strawberry Daiquiries
Strawberry Daiquri Punch
Strawberry Margarita
Strawberry Sparkle Punch
Strip Down & Go Nakeds
Sugar Syrup
Surf Slider
Swamp Water
The Border Grill's Cinco De Mayo Margarita
The Border Grill's Cinco De Mayo Splash!
The Green Monster
The Original Irish Coffee
The Pastor's Wassail
The Postmodern Mind
Tia Maria
Tire Swing
Tom & Jerry
Tom & Jerrys
Tom Collins
Veal Scallops With Apricot-citrus Compote
Vegetable Marinade
Velvet Hammer
Vermicelli In Vodka Sauce
Vicki's Noggin-knockin' Eggnog
Virgin Mary
Virgin Pina Colada
Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri
Vodka Collins
Vodka Fizz
Vodka Martini
Vodka Rose
Voodoo Punch
White Chocolate Mousse #2
White Grape~ Tangerine~ & Asti-spumante Punch
Wine Marguerita 2
Whiskey Balls
Whiskey Pound Cake
Whiskey Sour
White Russian
Why Don't We Get Drunk & Screw
Wine Cake
Wine Coolers
Winky Dink Mirzen